Message Event Between Child and Parent Process

Hello Again.

I need your help again. I have this process, it contains a Multiple Instance Subprocess called "Revision":


In "Revision" subprocess i have a Message Throw Event:

?ui=2&ik=1ded95a5f6&view=fimg&th=15020332e0a6f09c&attid=0 i already configure the throw and catch (in the parent process) messages in the collaboration diagram:


The behavior that i want is that in the "Revision" subprocess if the message event is reached all the Parents Child Process get Aborted Via script (Wich i already configured and tested apart) and the "Preparar Documento" Activity became the current activity. The problem is that when in run the process and make "Cancel Revision" Message event get reached all the subprocess get aborted and the next activity (imprimir documento) is reached (instead of "Preparar Documento").

Please tell me what i am doing wrong. Please do not just refer me to or .



Dear Joel,

We were analyzing your diagram and we suggest to modify it. Instead of use Message Event inside of the sub-process, do it at the end of the sub-process. It means that when the flow comes back to the parent process ending the sub-process, create an Message event to go where you need. Imagine that there are two context: One in Parent process and one in child process. You can use Message event inside the context, but no try to mix them because it will not work.

Best Regards