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Make possible to have cascade combo in table columns


please could you make possible to have cascade combo in table columns when add or edit a line in table ?

Waiting for it what would be you advise in designing a table ina form to get same behavior as cascade combo but using simple combos in dependent columns ?

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My work-around so far has been to make a button to "Add a line" that on the click event adds a blank line if no blank line available (in form, actions) then does a refresh of the grid (table).

I disable in-line add, using the button instead.

Then for the 2nd column that depends on the first, I can use a standard Bizagi filter.

If you do in-line Add with the + icon, and the user sees "Cancel Save" it will not work.

Sample code for the add button:

(In the Form Action, do for the Button Click event, a call to a script then a refresh of your table (grid). The code below checks for a null field, so that if the user double-clicks the button, it doesn't add two blank lines)

var cYourCollectionVarName = CHelper.GetValueAsCollection(<cYourCollection[SomeField=null]>);

var iCount = cYourCollectionVarName.size();

if (iCount == 0)


var newRecord = Me.Context.newCollectionItem("cYourCollection");