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Logout Error and Following Error

Dear Support Team,

After installed new version (10.1), some error are occurring. Two of them are:

1) Sometimes we can't logout as user.

2) When we try to follow as the process/Case behaved at Silverlight occur many errors, as the video attached. We noticed that using 'admon' user those errors did not happen.

Please, let us know if we need any other atualization to run correctly the process.

Best Regards

Anderson Antoniassi


Dear Anderson

Please double check the installation of the last version of silverlight, after this, please clean up the cookies, cache and temporary files from your browser, restart you application (iisreset) and try again.

If this issue persist , please consider to send us a full copy of your project whit detailed instructions to reproduce the behavior reported at

Best regards

Luis Emilio