localization process


I found errors (tiny error, though) of Japanese localization

(translation) in work portal labels (of a common part, not of a project),

and like to know your process to correct it.

Where should I send an error report?

Everyone can edit the content of Work portal/Localization/Internal,

but I don't think it is good for each to do it. Those errors should be amended in the next release.

note) Example: "Disabled" in the attached is translated as "those who have handicap." Chinese, too.

This is just an example.


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Dear Hiro,

Regarding your question, it is not a problem. You can localize each label of the work portal and each process depending of your language. You can do it through Bizagi Studio.

Please check the following articles to solve it:

Best Regards


Hi Juan,

Thank you for your reply, but I think you are missing my point.

I know (and every reader knows) that Studio has language support

for applications and Work portal.

However, Work portal is (strictly speaking the framework of Work

portal is) a part of Bezagi studio that is your product. Also, you

declare that Work portal is shipped with (more than) ten

languages. And so, in case mistakes of translation are found, the

errors should be corrected by the next (or so) release.

I questioned you what is your correction process (and where you

are collecting those information). You can do so by only yourself

and/or through user forum (volunteers), and of course it is up to


I will escalate this to somebody (unknown yet) because it seems

beyond the community discussion of ideas, problems or questions.

Best regards,


Dear Hiro,

Sorry about my answer, I misunderstood your question. You can give us your suggestion in Japanese and I will escalate to be updated in a future release.

Thank you to help us to improve our product.



Dear Hiro,

A member of our support team will contact you.