Localization of attribute display name from Module View


The Attribute List of the Module view allows us to localize

display name of each Attribute. (a figure attached. I can call it

as localization at Data model)

Is this localization reflected to Forms?

At Forms design, display name of each attribute (and other texts)

can be localized, as well. Instead of using this localization,

when I check "use attribute's predefined value", can I expect the

localized value at Data Model will be used and displayed?

(Reality is NOT.)

So, what is the benefit of localization at Data Model, besides it

can be a memo in a local language for Data base Design?


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This is a question, not an idea. Hiro


Dear Hero,

Regarding your question, it should work according our help site. Check it out please:

Entities and their attributes can be translated as they are created, regardless of the point of entry: Data model menu (second step of the Wizard), Forms modeler (third step of the Wizard) or the Modules view.

With this approach you translate any attribute just once, and it will be displayed in the desired language in all the Forms where it is included.

Select the attribute for translation in the Attribute List and click the Localization Resources button.


For further information:

Best Regards