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The link in the Bizagi user guide to download microsoft SQL Management Studio, does not work. Which version of SSMS should I install? I re-installed the latest Bizagi Studio 30 november 2016 and just finished the course module Process Automation 1. Now I am starting with Process Automation 2 and encounter this SQL problem. On my pc I only found SQL server configuration manager, which I guess is something else as the SQL Management Studio

I have just tried to install SSMS 16.5.1(, which took a long time and then the system canceled the set up. Which version of SSMS should I download and install?

I hope you can help me, until then I just watch the tutorials.

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We are sorry to hear the link did not work for you. It is up and running I will copy the URL below.

The SQL we recommend is 2008 R2. You can also use 2012.