Under Consideration

Larger Task Names (When I import my model the Task name is cut short)


It would be great if Bizagi would allow for a
significantly higher amount of characters in the "Task Name" itself.
In my

company, we were hoping to provide in depth descriptions in the

"Task Name" so that it could be printed out and read by others and they

would understand exactly what's happening in each step.

Currently, whenever I import my model into Bizagi Studio all of the the tasks go from this:


to this:


The task description is cut way short (nor can any more text be added to it). This was a rude awakening for me since I had invested a large chunk of time entering long text in the "Task Name" in Bizagi Modeler.

Please make it where we can enter large amounts of text in the "Task Name" in Bizagi Studio. We would love if this capability would be added; It would be very beneficial to us.