Is there a way to customize the re-type validator ?


I´m using a table where some of its columns need to be typed twice, the thing is once the validation message shows up the focus is gone and there is no way to find out which column was the one that caused the message to pop up. Can i customize the validator so when the message shows up a rule is executed or something like that?

Thank you.

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Dear Carlos,

Text box has an option to set "Re-Type": Forces the user to re-enter the value to make sure they entered it correctly. These values are compared on clicking the Next button. If there is no match the values must be re-entered.The verification value can be configured for entry in one of two ways:

  • Duplicate: Displays two Number Controls. Both controls must contain the exact same information to continue.
  • Double: Requires end users to type the same number twice in the same Control. If the values do not match a validation message will display.

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