Is it normal for custom artifacts modelled in the process modeller to be removed when published to the suite?

I am using custom artifacts to provide visual inclusion of process enablers and links to required PDF/ word documents which carry things like specifications and template forms etc. in their attributes. When these processes are published to the BPM suite all these custom artifacts have been removed from the model but the association connectors are all left in tact. Is this an issue with how I am using the tool? Do I need to import the custom artifacts into the suite however looking through the documentation I am unable to find how I can do that?

Thanks Dennis

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Dear Dennis

Bizagi offers two complementary products: Bizagi Process Modeler and Bizagi BPM Suite.

Each one has a specific objective: the Process Modeler is used to diagram and document processes, and the BPM Suite is focused on taking the next step in automating/executing that process model (as a workflow).

Bizagi Process Modeler's purpose is oriented towards complete documentation of models in a .bpm file. Whereas the BPM Suite will present ways to achieve effective implementation (using a database), and these steps are assisted by a graphical process wizard (which avoids the need of programming).

The BPM Suite includes a bundled Process Modeler, but it has some slight differences in the options presented, due to the automation-oriented objectives of the BPM Suite.

The custom artifacts are for documentation purposes, the automation of these artifacts are not allowed into Bizagi BPM Suite.

best regards

Luis Emilio


But there is a big problem with this. Let's say you import your process into Bizagi Studio, but it goes through 20 revisions; In order to keep your documentation up to date, with each revision you would have to manually go back to Bizagi Modeler and make all of the adjustments to your process all over again. This, of course, is not efficient.

It would be better if everything from Modeler would import into Studio.

I would love to see this in the future!



CORRECTION: You can import your process from Studio back into Modeler and the changes that you have made in Studio will effectively import into Modeler.

However, all of the documentation that you previously made in Modeler is forever gone. Thus, if you're trying to keep updated documentation on your processes, every time you revised your process you would have to import your model from Studio back into Modeler and then recreate all of the documentation (Descriptions, colors, pictures, etc.).