Inventory managing


I have a question. I have an inventory(parameter) and I'm supposed to do its management(it should be automatic) each time a client buys something. It looks very simple, but if it's impossible to create/delete/update instances throughout cases, how am I supposed to manage my products? Is it impossible to do on bizagi?

Thanks in advance.


Dear Joao

In order to better assist you, please provide us further information about your workflow and where do you want to implement the instance manager. Consider send us a full copy of your database and detailed information about the goal you want to achieve, to

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Luis Emilio


Dear Luis,

I have the same question, like I wanted to implement an inventory management. Where on every process instance it will check the required level of products and will suggest what products needs to be purchased in order to proceed with the current case.

I will highly appreciate if you can provide me with a simple example done.

I have tried to do it several times but it does not seems to be resolving.

Thanks and regards.


Dear Wajid Ali Khilji

There are two options to implement an inventory management:

  1. Create a parameter entity instead of master entity for your products. It is useful because you can add items as you need without open cases. You can add items using work portal. View here
  2. Implement Virtualization to add/update/delete registers from a remote master entity to a Bizagi master entity. It is useful if your main system is different of Bizagi and Bizagi just update from a remote application (compatible with SQL server and Oracle database). View here

If you want to search a "product" or maybe suggest a "product" into a form, you can use any of these controls: