Integration Interfaces: 'Cannot Connect to the service'


We are considering your product for a BPM project in my company, first requirement is that we need to develop a Proof Of Concept using Bizagi Studio to connect to several web services.

I'm facing a problem while configuring Bizagi to connect to a local Web Service that I mocked up using SOAP UI.

But Bizagi is always showing me this: Cannot connect to the service, please be sure that the url is correct.

I double checked the URL of my web service using my web browser and it is correct... I am using Windows XP and Bizagi Studio 10.5, it is a fresh installation. I am using the JEE plugin since we are considering JBoss app server for the final solution.

This is important for us because we are very interested in Bizagi and this is a requirement that we must accomplish. Attached you will find the error I am getting.

Thanks in advance.


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Dear Oscar,

Bizagi provides a powerful integration layer that supports the different integration possibilities involved in a complete BPM enterprise solution.In such enterprise projects, where there is the need to integrate existing services and applications, Bizagi's Integration layer presents the following diverse options.

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