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Integrating Python Robot Framework RPA?

I'm new to Bizagi and I was wondering what would be the best approach to integrate a kind of DIY RPA solution using the Python Robot Framework. It seems that there are a few options:

- Create a python program with a REST interface and then create a corresponding Bizagi connector to interface with the REST interface

- Perhaps Bizagi supports customs bots (in addition to the 3 officially supported bot vendors?)

- Using the Bizagi Component library and somehow coding something up in .Net (using the pythonnet package?)

Can someone suggest the easiest approach to achieve what I'm looking for?


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Dear Patrick,

This topic is now open to allow the community adding its feedback or contribution. Please do not worry if there are no answers within the following week. As the Bizagi Team, we will do our best to give this topic the importance that it deserves.

Best regards.