Intalation 64 bits - SQL Server 2008 R2


I have instaled BizAgi Enterprise Studio 64 bits. I am using SQLServer 2008 R2 - ver. 10.50.4000. Type of server: Mecanismo de Banco de Dados (not SQL Server Compact). When I was use the application to create a new Project, I received a message error in my summary of problems. Thanks, Pedro Gentil

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Dear Pedro

Please verify that your IIS installation and configuration is according with the options shown in the following article:

Best regards

Luis Emilio


Dear Luis, After that I got a machine running Windows 8 Pro Pack, I can not make the BizAgi BPM Suite to work.

Do you have any recommendations for this operating system?

The BizAgi was installed normally recognizes the database (in this case, SQLSERVER 2008 Express), but when I enter the option to create a new project shows that he failed to perform a series of operations.

When I ask you to open an existing project (which restored a backup aqruivo SQL SERVER),

the BizAgi does not display the correct name of the database that was configured and recognized

during instalção.

Windows 8 automatically installed the IIS 7.5, but its screen is very different parameterization suggested by the link you sent me ...

Please see the attachment file.

Thank you,

Pedro Gentil


I'm the same problem


Dear Rodrigo,

Regarding this problem, please follow these articles to solve it according Windows version:

Best Regards