Install web service for vacation request process locally

Dear all,

I am going through the vacation request process using the JEE plugin, JBoss server.

The webservice to be used can be downloaded and installed locally.

But how can we install these locally when using the integrated JBoss Server.

I tried to get access to start the standalone.bat in the folder C:\BizagiJEE\\jboss-eap-6.2\bin\.

But because this is a new laptop and I have not yet installed a JDK and corresponding JAVA_HOME environment variable it is not working. To avoid spending too much time now on setting all of this up, because Bizagi JEE comes with it's own JDK, I would like to hear how we can install the web service locally and call it from within Bizaga studio ?



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Dear Dannys,

Regarding your question, you can use our WSDL on Bizagi Site:

For further information:

Best Regards