Under Consideration

Improve work allocation


It would be nice to be able to have a better way to allocate jobs. We have a really long process as the process goes on, it change from a department to another (when we'll be done, it will implicate 5 departments). I want to be able to select a default fallback for each task.

  1. Process 1, Task 1, done in department 1
  2. try Analyst chosen by counsellor
  3. on fail, try Analyst by default for this counsellor
  4. on fail, Senior analyst for department 1
  5. Process 1, Task 10, done in department 2
  6. try Analyst
  7. on fail, Head of department 2
  8. Process 2, Task 2
  9. try Analyst audited
  10. On fail, boss of auditor

Have a nice day!