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Improve the text fields


We need to change the rows count on the Extended Text Field on a form. The default value is 6 now. But we need to change it to 3 on the most forms.Also it will be good to have a field with mask edit. The examples for it you can find at this link: http://digitalbush.com/projects/masked-input-plugin/#demo .This field type is very good when edit the date or String attribute.And it will be good to have a possibility to choose a fixed size of text field. We need it when we have a field with a fixed small count of characters.

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I`m trying to make an widget that is an input text with the option of masks but I have some problems. The problem is that my widget when I select an entity from the search control my component will not update with the value. Yet works: the mask that u can choose to save or not with mask in the database, when I finish the widget I will try to send to you.