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I can't delete expressions after deleting control from process form

Hi !

I created an expressions to set visibile property for some form controls (text boxes). Controls were displaying information from related table (Company.Name, Company.TaxNo, ...) regarding process table (Opportunity). After testing I realized that I will not need those controla so I deleted them from the form. After a while I decided to delete also related table Company from my solution. First I was trying to delete atribut Company from master table Opportunity but BIzagi Studio prevents this action because there where some dead" dependencies found.

I can found those dependencies objects (expressions) thrue Search Option (modules view) , where I can edit them but I can't delete them. Those expressions are not visible (editable) any where else.

How I can delete those "dead" dependencies. I think it is a Bizagi bug,

Have a nice day !

Jurij Jerele


Dear Jurij

A member of our support team will contact you.

Best regards

Luis Emilio


Is there any sollution for similar question?


Dear Suhma

In order to best help you to solve your issue, please explain us it as well as send Bizagi Version.

Thank you in advance