How to upload a dll.config file to Bizagi Studio Component Library?

Hello! I have created a dll using c# and which is calling a Bizagi workflow engine webservice, so the endpoint is stored in the app.config like:

<endpoint address="http://xxx/proj/WebServices/WorkflowEngineSOA.asmx";

binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="WorkflowEngineSOASoap"

contract="ProjWFE.WorkflowEngineSOASoap" name="WorkflowEngineSOASoap" />

After the code compile, I can upload the dll to the component library but not success to upload the dll.config file, so should I continue to upload the dll.config file or there is another way to do this? Please advise, thank you so much!

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Dear Yun,

Regarding your question, you can copy and paste in these paths:

  • C:\Bizagi\Projects\[Project]\WebApplication\bin
  • C:\Bizagi\Projects\[Project]\WebApplication
  • C:\Bizagi\Projects\[project]\ComponentLibrary

We look forward to hearing from you