How to set Case creator of a Multiple Sub Process?

Hi Bizagi Team,

Thanks for all your efforts for making this great product, it works exceptionally well in all areas.

I have observed that when multiple cases of multiple sub-process are created from a Parent process then the case creator of the Sub Process cases is set to the name of the person who has completed the last task of the Parent processes which is the task present just before the sub Process box. This has created 2 issues for me :

First is, related to reports where the case creator is incorrectly shown.

Second is, case Aborted email captures wrong information as in my implementation i have to abort my sub-process cases in some scenarios and an aborted email is received by the users who has pending task but that email captures wrong case creator that is the case creator of Sub Process but not case creator of parent process.

So is there any way to set the case creator of multiple sub process same as parent process case creator?



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Dear Aviral,

At this moment, Bizagi works as you can see. The person who clicks next before of the sub-process will be the case creator because he is the person that initialises the sub-process.

The possible solution in your reports is to not show the case creator.

Best regards