How to prevent Bizagi to save uploaded files locally?


Why bizagi uses serever folder storage if we use SharePoint?

And how can we disable this behaviour?


Bizagi Version: 10.7

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Dear Iskander,

Bizagi offers out-of-the-box support for integration with ECM systems.

Documents uploaded in a process activity are stored by default in the Bizagi Server (or a network file Server).

With ECM integration, you may define your corporate central document repository (ECM system) in Bizagi, so that the uploaded documents are directly stored there.


In execution, end users will only need to attach documents in Process instances in Bizagi, and these will be automatically sent to the ECM.

Possibilities in ECM integration are:

  • Upload a document.
  • Fill out or update its metadata.
  • Check-out the document or undo its check-out.
  • Check-in the document.
  • Delete the document.

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