How to Integrate with Wordpress or Availability of a Wordpress Plug-in?


I see you have Sharepoint webparts available. That's a great start, especially for those using Sharepoint. In my experience, Wordpress is far more prevalent. I need to integrate with Wordpress using SOAP (Web Services) or I will consider building my own Wordpress plug-in(s).

I anyone has any interest or info, please let me know. Thank you.

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Hi Peter,

Stumbled onto your query about WordPress from 2 years ago.

How did you get on with this?

We basically need customers' web portals, which is often WordPress, to dish up Bizagi Webparts.

Needless to say, the user needs to be able to create an account first. We can create users in Bizagi by firing a SOAP call at the Bizagi API. So, if we can do this from WordPress (I haven't investigated this bit yet) then we should be in business for this first bit.

But them, loging the user onto Bizagi when they log onto WordPress by SSO; haven't looked into that one either yet.

Again, have you gotten anywhere with this at all?!?

Would be great :)


Rob Leenheer


Dear Rob,

Bizagi's architecture offers a powerful UI service which promotes easy reusability and integration with other applications.

This reusability is enhanced by the capabilities provided by Bizagi Web parts.

This section describes how to easily reuse the Web parts Bizagi provides, so that these can be integrated in any portal.

Through this approach, end users can directly access to the corporate portal and from there, work in their Bizagi cases.


For further information:

In another hand, you can create a user in Bizagi using SOAP Layer. Please use saveEntity method. For further information: