How to implement Data Protection & Retention Features?

I'm evaluating BPM tools and ideally would like one that can also act as my underlying Case Management solution.

Bizagi seems to be aiming for this market, but there is one critical set of behaviours I can't seem to find.

Under most global data protection rules, including the forthcoming GDPR, it is necessary to delete customer data, especially PII, as soon as it is no longer needed.

How, in Bizagi, do you delete Entities [modelled after a 'customer' record], or the majority of a Entity's Field data, including all historic deltas, and any associated documents that are Entity fields, so that you no longer have any electronic record of it in the underlying DB?

This would need to be part of a relevant Case's workflow, so that a process step in the Case, likely right at the end, cleans up all [Entity] data related to that Case, so that I no longer hold any record of the Customer/Entity data?

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Dear Kit,

Regarding your question, Bizagi proceeds to delete values in logical way. The values is the most important element in a work flow so that you can only be able to delete in this way. If a case was created with information that then were deleted logically, Bizagi still shows the correct information and respects it.