How to handle file upload oversize gracefully

Can anyone suggest the best way to handle a file upload that is ovesize?

I configured the server to not accept files over 2mb and purposely tested a 20mb file.

While the error that shows up is clear to a developer, it is not entirely end-user friendly (for end users).

Is there a better way inside the application that we can handle oversized uploads?


Dear Steve,

You may localize or customize your Bizagi work portal labels and messages.

While the upload file size can be configured at the "upload max file size" option under the "Environment" configuration, the displayed message for end users will be shown as defined in the "WorkPortal" configuration.

View further information about Workportal customization options.

To change this message, you may locate and edit the "SendMsg_MaxRequestLimit" resource key at the "Internal" values.

Best regards,