How to execute any stored procedure or sql queries from bizagi?

In one of my forms I would like to display all the existing cases from the MS SQL database. Since we are using the SQL db connected to Bizagi, is there any way like (select * from myrequest) kind of query to be run which displays all the cases from my db to the current user.

I have seen this question before but the below link does not work. I am using 11.1 version.

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Dear Shwetha,

I checked the link you provided and it's working properly. It explains how to configure store procedures in the DB which are to be executed from Bizagi.

Alternatively, a Customized Widget will as well allow you to show this information. See more details about widgets in:

There are also another ways to show this type of information through Query Form or Connectors. However, those will not be displayed on each form like your need.

For more information about this, please check:


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Same issue here, the original link gives a 404 error. Here is a functional link: , it should work with BizAgi 11.1.