How to display records from a database in a combobox?

Hello, Guys!

I'm new to Bizagi and I'm trying to create a form that has couple dropdown fields. I have a process in which my users create programs for each year. In another process when they are creating orders, they have to pick from which program they want to get the money for the order. What I'm trying to do is on the form when creating an order to have dropdown which shows me the years for which they already have a created program. In other words I want to have a combobox that shows me the values from a table in DB. Do you have any idea how I can do that?

I will really appreciate your help!

PS: I'm using Bizagi Studio 11.1.

Best regards,

Albena Mincheva

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Dear Albena,

Regarding your question, you require to add the entity the to process entity because the only way to get those values in a combobox is using xpath.

The another possible way is to build your own widget in which you search values from an entity and show it in a combobox.

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