How to create reports based on query with more than one tables?

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How to create reports based on query with more than one tables?Select, b.yyyy

from a, b

where a.ssss = b.sss

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Pedro Gentil

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Hi Team, I am also looking for customized reports based on query, can you please help me on this


Dear Ganesh,

The Business Activity Monitoring is an analysis tool that allows you to graphically view information about the status of ongoing cases.

IMPORTANT: This feature is only enabled when the Processes and Tasks Duration are configured. This way Bizagi can establish a comparison between expected and real time execution.

Business Activity Monitoring comprise of three reports:

  • Process BAM : analyze the current state of all ongoing Processes.
  • Task BAM : analyze the current state of ongoing Tasks.
  • Resources Monitor: analyze the current workload and performance of end users and work teams.

All reports in the Process Analysis tools can be saved to view at a later stage for further analysis and decision making. Saved reports will be available from the My Reports option in the Reports Menu. Saved reports will only be available to the creator.

For further information: