How to add a bookmark?

Hello togehter,

in the "Edit Property Value" it is possible to add a hyperlink. You can link this hyperlink to an URL or file. What I am looking for is the secaond one: Link to: Place in this document. If you choose this option a dropdown box appears. There you are asked for a bookmark.

My question is: How can I define this bookmark?



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Hello Christian,

I have exactly the same question. So I'm still searching for a way to use it. AND I don't know exactly how but I've some bookmarks now.

I pasted text from Word in an Extended Attribute, whose was done with Heading Styles. So I think it's possible to import some bookmarks from Word. I don't know yet the way it's working but I'm exploring this way.

I let you know when I find something! :)


Dears Christian and Pascal,

You can work with bookmarks without any trouble, the exercise that we did was to have one HTML page with a bookmark and create a link in a Bizagi form with this type of url http://pagesname.html#bookmark1, after that we run bizagi and when we click that link the page open in the bookmark selected.