How do you get the Timer Start Event to work?


I'm trying to figure out how to get the Timer Start Event to work.

I adjusted the schedule in the properties of the event but it's not doing anything.

I'm guessing that there is another step that I don't know about yet.

I'm just wanting it to initiate a case at a certain time (in this test I wanted to see it initiate one case every minute for a duration of 8 minutes).


Secondly, is there a way to make it initiate a case at the end of the month (every month) or the beginning of a month (every month)?

Thank you very much!

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Dear John,

The timer event is executing by the project scheduler. Please follow this article where explains how to work this kind of jobs:



The scheduler is running.

But I configure the start event to an specified time and nothing happens.

Is there any other procedure to be done besides saving the process (iisreset and restarting schedulle are performed also)? I am doing that initially in development, but I intend to deploy this to production soon (the previous version is started manually).


Dear Carlos,

The scheduler works when the process has a timer start event or an intermediate timer event. In addition, you can create jobs to be executed by scheduler. For further information:

These are the events:


Timer Event


Timer Start Event

Best Regards


Tryied that with Bizagi 10 and now with Bizagi 11 with the same result: nothing appears in wait jobs and no proccess is started.

In Bizagi 10, I managed to make it work creating a Job to start the process. Is it still not working as expected in Bizagi 11?


The essence of the problem - I create a process with a start event timer, configure the start time, but the scheduler does not start it.

What I tried:

organization working time schema set to 24 hours

admon’s working time schema for 24 hours too

Restarted the scheduler service

Restarted the main bizagi service,

pressed RUN,

reinstalled the entire studio on a new virtual machine

Boundary and Intermediate timers work, but this one does not

If anyone uses bizagi, tell me how you start this timer?


Dear, for consideration, would it be possible to respond with a solution?

I have been experiencing the same problem and apparently it is widespread.