How do I model the data for a recursive relationship?

The classic example: An Employee table with primary key column called empID also has a column called managerEmpID that contains the value of the empID of the employee that supervises this employee. i.e. columns are:empIDlastNamefirstName....managerEmpID This approach is powerful, flexible, elegant... and I want to use it. How do I model this in the data modeler of Bizagi? You keep telling me it can be done, but I need a detailed answer. It has nothing to do with replication. MS Access can do it, and raw SQL Server can support it, so Bizagi should be able to use it.


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1) Reolved, but where is the resolution? What's the point of a help-site if resolutions aren't documented here?

2) Based on the fact that no answer has been documented, here's an elaboration of the question....

I completely understand what you require.

My company is testing Bizagi.

I (through many years of experience) don't believe that this 'magic bullet' software development tool will be any more magic than the hundreds I've experienced before. However, non-technical management have the authority to waste share-holder money, so....

For the sake of non-technical Bizagi employees, here's the layman's description of the requirement:

E.g. we may have: A director, 5 managers, 10 team leaders, 20 section leaders, 100 operators.

Operators answer-to section leaders, who answer-to team leaders, who answer-to managers who answer-to the director.

Now, we could have 5 tables: tblDirector, tblManager, tblTL, tblSL, tblOperator.

But, why have 5 tables? They are ALL employees! Relational database rules deem that only one table must store all 'like' entities.

So, we define a table called tblEmployee, which has a numeric primary key field called 'PK'.

Within that table, we have a numeric foreign key field named 'Boss_FK', which relates to the PK field of other employee records, and which defines the employee that THIS record employee answers-to!

E.g. 3 records in the tblEmployee table...

PK: 1 PK: 300 PK: 456

Name: Fred Bloggs Name: Andy Smith Name: Jim Jyles

Posn: Director Posn: Manager Posn: Team Leader

Boss_FK: NULL Boss_FK: 1 Boss_FK: 300

I now know, from one single table:

That Jim is a team leader, and he answers-to Andy, who is a manager who answers-to Fred, who is a director.

Fred answers-to no-one (indicated by his 'Boss_FK' value of null).

Each 'Boss_FK' field relates to the PK of another record (in the same table - tblEmployees).

Simples! (If you have any inkling of relational database concepts).

(P.S. for those RDBMS purists that hate 'non-data', autonumber primary keys - please refrain from arguing here - let's argue somewhere else - this is an attempt to impart a simple concept - let's keep it simple eh?).



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