How do I build a form to find or then creating a Customer Record?

To search for an existing customer record before adding one is a very common need.

This can help prevent losing customer records and associated records (or duplicating).

Actually this can be generalized to searching for an instance of any entity before adding one.

Anyway, please provide best practice to do this. I have tried associating a form to the process/activity, but then cannot make the form queryable.

I have tried creating a form in the entities section of the modules directory, but then cannot associate to an activity.

Please list the steps in detail (or make a Process Central template).


I think its possible by using Expressions, or maybe u can use a search dialog in the db table looking for the asset

there r some topics teaching how to use the expressions, but if the search dialog solve ur problems, its pretty easier


Dear Users,

Indeed the join search dialog is a frequently used feature to control both searching existing and adding new records. You may also want to predefine business keys to avoid having your users create duplicate records.

Through its "allow new" property, you can allow new records and have Bizagi validate that these do not exist.

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That solved my problem


i use allow new property but the data is not entered in table.