How can restrict some users from creation of case?

When I follow tutorial and I set performers on the first activity (e.g. only the Boss can perform the first activity), it does not restrict others from creating the case (e.g. subordinate can create case but still only the boss can perform first activity -> so subordinate creates case and it disappears).

Can I also set restrictions on case creation?



Dear Martin

In Bizagi you can set access rights to different elements of the Work Portal's to restrict the end user in modifying or viewing certain information relevant to the project's performance and administration. (as create new cases) When users are restricted from an element, they will not be able to see the element from the Work Portal.As soon as an element is allocated any restriction (to either deny or allow), Bizagi will assume that the element is restricted.The restricted element will only be visible to users with access rights to that element.To have more information about this subject please review Security for Work portal menus best regardsLuis Emilio