How can I increase the number of cases displayed in work portal

It appears as though the current default for displaying the list of cases is limited to 10 per page. I am currently needing to increase that number as my list of open cases will be approximately 500 and I want to minimize the total number of pages that a user needs to page through in a Pending Case list and / or a query report. There is a lot of available screen space that I would like to utilize.

How do I increase the number of cases per page to be displayed?


Dear John

Currently is not possible to change this configuration through Bizagi Studio.

We kindly invite you to share this in our ideas section, in this way the community can comment and vote, to be included in a future release.

best regards

Luis E.


We use the BIZAGI.GO, version, it's possible now (increase the number of cases per page)?

We need to sort the list of pending cases of WORK PORTAL is possible?