How Bizagi v11 discussion tab under case folder is different from comments in Bizagi v10?

like you have introduced discussion tab under case folder where all the stakeholders can give comments for the particular case.

i am not able to understand how it is different from Bizagi v10 comments .

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Dear Rishabh,

There many differences between v10 and v11. Some of them are in the look and feel and how it improves each case especially with discussions.

The Case Folder is where users can collaborate by having conversations in the discussions tab and adding pictures, documents and files to be available at any time, even when the case has been closed.

The Case folder also contains a Timeline that displays all activities that have been launched in the case in a chronological way. The Timeline gives users visibility of the entire case, linking together all activities that have been launched, the processes that make part of case, the list of people involved, and the time they were resolved.

The Case Folder is available for all Stakeholders, even when a case has been closed. Thus, discussions and files can still be added.

For further information please refer to: For our latest release notes:

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