help on process & data storage representation in bizagi modelling of As Is Process

This may be a layman question. pl explain how to model process in which it is involved some processes, data storage system, access to datastorage, linking process to datastorage etc..




Dear Vajrala,

In order to best help you to solve this question, we would like to know if you are just modeling or you are automating a model with our Suite.

Thank you in advance


It should be clear when executing (automating) a model, where the data is located, where it will be created, where it will be used, and where will the results be stored.

These can be inside the BPM System or in an external system.

The BPMN model usually doesn't need to explicit internal storage unless a complex script is used and you use a script task.

If reading or storing data involves external systems, these interactions can be modeled with service tasks that can invoke web services.

Of course with virtualized entities or replication you can also interact with external systems without having to use web services.

Hope this guides you in some way...