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Getting an error: Unable to process control

I am trying to implement a simple process in Bizagi Studio and am getting an error on the second form I attempt to load. The error is:

Error Type: BaseException


Message: Unable to process control:

ae8653a5-7e90-4e9b-9dd2-3637d055815f. Control type: Text. Xpath:

IncidentManagement.IncidentTitle. DisplayName: Incident Title. Unable to

process property: VALUE. Unable to find xpath value:{ "xpath":

"IncidentManagement.IncidentTitle" }. The given key was not present in

the dictionary.

The error occurred after I expanded the width of a string field. The SQL Server database correctly shows the field and its attributes in the table ("IncidentManagement").

I'm stuck. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.



Dear Tom,

Thank you for your interest in Bizagi,

In order to best help you, we need to know about your environment:

  • Operative System
  • Bits
  • Service Pack
  • Exact version of Bizagi
  • Browser

Thank you in advance