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getCaseDataUsingSchemaXXX services do not work


Following the descriptions of the getCaseDataUsingSchema, getCaseDataUsingSchemaAsString, getCaseDataUsingSchemaLite and getCaseDataUsingSchemaLiteAsString, we cannot request case data because we get

EJB Exception: : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: IdCase and CaseNumber cannot be null

at BizAgi.bpm.soa.util.SOAUtil.getWfCase(

at BizAgi.SOA.EntityManagerSOAFacadeBean.getCaseData(


error as a response even when we call these services with idCase or IdCase and caseNumber or CaseNumber XML tags in the request XML. On the help site they wrote the case identifier tag as idCase, but the error text writes IdCase. It's confusing.

Could anybody send us please a really working sample to call these Entity Manager SOA services? It would be nice to get example when there is a Task name or Task ID too.