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First Workshop - Application crashing when adding an action to on enter

Hi,I am currently evaluating the Bizagi Studio for .Net over SQL server 2012 but I am facing a blocking issue when following the first workshop from the tutorial section (Vacation Management).The application crashes when adding an expression to the first activity Register Leave Request (p50 of the tutorial) on the on enter event. Please view the enclosed file to see the error displayed. No détails on the error is displayed and the Bizagi studio process has to be killed using the task manager; Version used : (25th of June 2013) / Windows 7 64bits / SQL Server 2012 Furthermore, I wasn't either able to load any of the templates available from your website : each time Bizagi Studio pops up an error...Thank you in advance for your support,


Dear Alexander

A member of our support team will contact you.

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Luis Emilio