Fill out a table with picking up a row from another table

Hello, Guys!

I'm new to Bizagi and I'm trying to create one really simple process, but I still can't figure it out how I can make what I need. So my case is the following:

I have a table called 'Programs'. Each Program has a lot of 'Program_Rows' and each row has a type and an amount. The users fill out this table once a year. I have a process that is to create orders. When the users create orders they have to pick one or more Programs to take the money for the order from. For this process I have two other tables - Orders and ProgramLink.

So my question is when they fill out the table Program Link how I can make something like a pop up or combobox that lists all of the rows in the program so they can dynamically pick a program and I can save that as a record in the ProgramLink table.

To make it clear my data model is the following:

One Program has a lot of rows in ProgramLink (one - many relationship)

One Order has a lot of rows in ProgramLink (one -many relationship)

in other words:

Program - Order (many - many )

I hope I explained it clear enough for you guys to get my point.

I will really appreciate your help and ideas how I can do that.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Albena Mincheva.

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Dear Albena,

Regarding your question, you require to get the entity using a function. For further information:

The following is the syntax of the entity-list function:

  1. Me.getXPath("entity-list('Entity','Filter')");

Then, you need to follow this one to add record to the collection: