Under Consideration

Facebook style notification of a new task

It'd be handy for process participants to see that a new task has come.

Facebook may be used as an example: when there is something new in the newsline, the tab title is changed to e.g. "(1) Facebook" and a beep is heared.

Switching to the window and refreshing is 20th-sentury "click and wait" web, Bizagi BPMS portal deserves more.


Thank you for your comment.

Have you considered using automatic notifications?





Thanks for the question.

Being a certified Bizagi developer, I know about this opportunity indeed.

Our users asks: why should we work in two systems at once? Email notification is a useful feature but the BPM portal should be all-sufficient.

BTW, Facebook provides email notifications, yet it does provide notifications internally. Users expect the same from all modern web portal nowadays.