Extended attributes not downloaded from ProcessXchange

I downloaded a couple of processes from processXchange but in the Studio I do not see the extended attributes. These were downloaded previously when I had done so when I only had Modeller, but when I downloaded same again from the site to the Studio, these do not appear in the Model.


Dear Woods,

In order to understand your question, we would like to know some questions:

  • Bizagi Modeler Version
  • Bizagi Studio version
  • Processes of ProcessXchange
  • Extended Attributes
  • Screenshots

Thank you in advance


Since I posted the issue I

think I started to understand better the relationship between the Studio

and the Modeller. However I had been expecting that if I edit the Process Model

imported into Studio from ProcessXchange, the extended attributes would appear

when the model is checked out .

Now I have seen in the Help that if the aim of the Model is (elaborated) Documentation of a process, the Modeler is the appropriate platform to work in, but if the aim of the model is execution, Studio is the platform to work in.

I am using Studio version I have imported the Claims and Complaints and Offboarding examples.

I think this thread can be closed now.