extended attribute - embedded file


when I extend a document as a file in Bizagi, can I say the computer, that it should open the dcoument on site 3 directly?

Thanks in advance.



Dear Christopher,

Concerning your question, Bizagi Modeler is able to open a document, but it is not able to select a section of that document. Here are our description for extended attribute file type:

  • Embedded File: allows the modeler to attach a file to be available within the Model. The file is copied to the model's folder. When published this file type and the Linked file will be displayed in the same way.
  • Linked File: allows you to include a link or path to a file. The model stores a link to the file, not the file itself. When including this extended attribute the user must select check/uncheck for the option Relative path. Relative path option allows you to include your link either as a relative or absolute path.

  • Relative paths change depending upon what page the links are located on.

For example, if the file is stored in your computer you would share: C:\MyDesktop\PurchaseRequest\FileUplodadedInThisExample

If you check on Relative path, then the url will be stored as: PurchaseRequest\FileUplodadedInThisExample.

This way you can share your folder and the file can be opened anywhere.

  • An absolute path refers to a fixed location including the domain name. You typically use absolute paths to linked to elements that have a fixed reference location no matter by which means you access them.

We recommend absolute paths (Relative Path not checked) when the files are on your network.

For example: \\Mynetwork\SharedModels\PurchaseRequest\FileUplodadedInThisExample