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Export diagram object properties (listed in a tabular form)

Hello everyone,

For process-anlyses and optimations, we like to listed all properties of all objects integrated in a diagramm in tabular form.

In this way we'll get a list of the objects, all realtions to other objects, the properties of the relations, the entrypoint(s) of the object, the name and decription, links and ohter additional properties of the object, tokens and the output. With this list, it'll be possible to examine and investigate the process, finding the painpoints to optimize the process or parts of it. The export option of xpdl/xml is not working properly, well, not giving the thing wanted in excel or other tabellar lists.

We simply need an export of all objects with all attributes and realotions, likely you can do this common configruation management data bases, but adapted in process modelling.

Does any one know, how i get to this?

Thanks in advance...



Dear Pcolliou,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

There is no current option to export this detail of information. This will be moved to the improvement ideas section.

Best regards,



in order to study this idea we need a little more information.

You are talking about specifically the data model? You need to be able to export data model documentation that includes entities, attributes, relationships and the additional information included as description, help text?

I am not sure what you mean by "objects integrated in a diagramm in tabular form."

I can see you listed a lot of objects created in Bizagi Suite but I don't understand the exact extend of this list or the possibility to "examine and investigate the process, finding the painpoints to optimize the process or parts of it."

Do you mean by this to examin the data model structured and see if there are improvement opportunities?