Execution Problem with new version

I upgraded to My first problem is that it keep asking me to upgrade to when I launch BizAgi. I have done that twice and it installs and keeps asking me to upgrade to

My second problem is when I upgraded I created a new project and it ran with no problems. Then I try to launch two old projects. First, system upgraded the project and then I tried to run and got the error in the attached file. I got this on both projects. I checked all of my IIS settings and they match your recommendations. The IIS has to be working because new project ran fine.

I am trying to get ready to teach with BizAgi and thus need a response as soon as possible. THANKS! Bob Bostrom


Dear Bob

A member of our support team will contact you.

Best regards.

Luis Emilio


You send me an email on 7/10 and I reply to your email on 7/11 with a sample database. I never heard back and I resend email twice during July. Thus, instead of email, I am posting information here in hopes that I will get a reply. Problem 1 is no longer there but problem 2 still exists.

I have attached one on my projects that would not execute in the
new version. It is in the previous version format, thus, thus you need to
let latest BizAgi updated it for new version and then execute it. This is
what I did and it would not execute on new version. Contact me if you
have any questions.

Since the attachment is 13 MB, it looks like it will not go (message below says 2M). Please let me know how we can get this thing resolved. I am starting to teach in 2 weeks and need to be able to get these old version projects working on the new version. I do not want redo all the projects. If we can get it working, I will have to go back to old version. bob


Dear Bob

Could you please indicate to which email you sent the copy of the requested database? We have not received any notification about it.

A member of our suport team will contact you, please resend us the information to

best regards

Luis EMilio