Evaluation Workshop: Vacation Leave Request - Form does not appear for Employee

Hello Bizagi,

I am evaluating Bizagi for my company and have completed the first Workshop using Bizagi v11 on Windows 10 with IIS. I can launch the Work Portal OK. However, when I login as Employee and initiate a new case (Vacation Leave Request), nothing happens. I expected a form but instead got a message stating "You dont have any pending activities for this case." (see attached file)

Can you help me troubleshoot? Did I not configure something correctly?

Thanks, paul

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Dear Paul,

Regarding this question, the message: "You dont have any pending activities for this case." is because you do not have any case in your inbox.

You can try restarting your IIS and testing again. When you are developing a project, usually you require to restart the IIS.

We look forward to hearing from you