Error when I try to make a Data Replication

Error when I try to make a Data Replication. MS SQL SERVER EXPRESS 2008, Bizagi x64 11.00.2560

For Entity: 'Lista' SurrogateKey: 'idLista' Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


at BizAgi.EntityManager.CEMReplication.ReplicateEntity(Int32 idEnt, ReplicationEntityParameters replicationParameters)

at BizAgi.EntityManager.CEMReplication.ExcecuteEntitiesToReplicate(CReplication oRep, ArrayList entitiesSorted)

at BizAgi.EntityManager.CEMReplication.RunReplication(CReplication configReplication, Int32 idEntityTo)

at BizAgi.Scheduler.Replication.CRepRunner.RunCurrentReplications()

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