Error when creating new project using Oracle DataBase


I'm starting to use Bizagi Studio Enterprise .NET 10.4 with Oracle 11G.

I've follow instructions to create new project using oracle and the BizagiAdmon has been successfully created.

After this step, the wizard ask for Bizagi Admon user and New User for a new project.

I've set Tablespace and Indexes path with: \oracle\oradata\bizagi

And the Backup path with: /orabkp/oracle/bizagi/ (using Oracle with Linux environment)

After a few time processing the application returns the following error:

ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:

PLS-00201: identifier 'spba_ora_gather_stats.spba_ora_gather_dict_stats' must be declared

Checking with our DBA, this object is not available in our Oracle DataBase

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We have had a number of problems trying to get the database setup in BizAgi (.Net) using Oracle;

- first there was no TEMP tablespace called TEMP, so we created one ourselves (screenshot attached)

- then the wizard ran out of open cursors, so we increased the number available to 300 and tried again

- then an error in your sql code (screenshot attached)

We are trying to install BizAgi studio onto Windows 7

We have Oracle ODP.NET 12.1.0 installed on the Windows 7 PC

Our Oracle database server when connected by sqlplus reports the following

>Connected to:>Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production>With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options

We are using the sys user (which can successfully login via sqlplus as sysdba)

Please help, we'd really like to get a prototype process executing quickly, and likely purchase licenses in the next month or so.


Dear Julian,

In order to work with Oracle, you need to have the same platform as Bizagi. I mean if you have Bizagi on x32 Bit, then you need to have Oracle driver in x32 Bit. Again, if you have Bizagi on x64 Bit, then you need to install Oracle Driver x64. Be sure to only install one, because Oracle Driver permits to install both x32 and x64 Bit. For further information:

In addition, please check this prerequisites at:

Finally, how to create a project using Oracle:

With all three articles, you will be able to create and work a project on Oracle.



Hi this error happens with me installation, thanks!


Dear Bryan,

Regarding to ORA-06550 Error, please follow this article to solve it: