Error when creating a project using Oracle DB

Dear friends,

I have been trying to create a new project in Bizagi Studio using a remote Oracle database but I'm getting the next errors:


I have done all the configurations:

1.- Created a BizagiAdmon user in my Oracle 11G database.

2.- I have installed the ODAC x32 and x64 (cause I have an x64 architecture machine).

I have installed Bizagi Studio in Windows 10 using JEE in order to run the project in a JBOSS Server (if i use a sql server database I do not have this problem.. it only happens with Oracle Databases).

I have read in other post and the problem seems to be with a file called ModelOracle11g.

The version of my remote DB is: Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production

Please help me. We need to test a process.

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Dear Geovanny,

In order to solve this issue, please upgrade your current version to our latest 10.7 version: The plugin for JEE can be downloaded from:

Best Regards