Error upgrading project

When I upgrade a project in Studio from 11.0 to 11.1 I get the following error (even from to

Error updating the project MyFirstProjectoffic: Unknown error (0x80005000) at BizAgi.Operations.Util.VirtualDirectory.ManageVirtualDirectory.DirectoryEntryExists(String appPoolPath)

at BizAgi.Operations.Util.VirtualDirectory.ManageVirtualDirectory.SetAuthentication(String webSite, String appName, Boolean enableAuthWindows, Boolean enableAuthAnonymous)

at BizAgi.Operations.Project.Web.WebAppProject.EnableAnonymousAuthentication()

at BizAgi.Operations.Project.BizAgiProject.Update(Boolean& updated, StringBuilder message)

Updating Web Application...

Making a backup...Web application folder...

Stopping scheduler...

Stopping the project...

Starting update...

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Dear Patrick,

Regarding this issue, you need to run the Bizagi Studio as administrator. If the problem continues, proceed to upgrade 11.1 version using this installer:

Best Regards