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Error Type: BaseException Error Message: on Case create

I'm working on setting up a demo of the Onboarding process template in Studio Enterprise. I have it deployed but when I go to create a new case, or edit an existing case I get the following error.

Error Type: BaseException


Message: Unable to process control:

b045cdaa-1964-4eda-ae73-889c56f7dc6c. Control type: Date. Xpath:

Onboarding.Candidates.StartingDate. DisplayName: StartingDate. Unable to

process property: MINVALUE. Error processing Rule

=6d2a038f-5382-42e4-8466-fa625fe2a675; Error: Object reference not set

to an instance of an object.


Dear Noah

In order to better assist you, please let us know exactly which version of BMP Suite are you using.

Best reagrds

Luis Emilio


Enterprise x64

June 25th, 2013