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Error to run process in developement environement via Bizagi JEE


Followed step by step to create "My first process", always failed at the step of run process (in Developement environment).


  • Bizagi (Enterprise x64), Version JEE, January 15, 2014
  • Windows 7 64-bit, 8GB RAM

Attached screenshot.

From BizagiJEE\BizagiConsoleManagerJEE\log\console.log:...2014-02-14 15:26:22,519 [main] INFO BizAgi.entitygenerator.EntityProducerManager - Building Generated.jar (End): Fri Feb 14 15:26:22 CST 20142014-02-14 15:26:22,525 [main] INFO BizAgi.entitygenerator.EntityGeneratorImpl - Generate Entities (End): Fri Feb 14 15:26:22 CST 20142014-02-14 15:29:53,078 [main] INFO com.bizagi.console.model.AbstractAppServerManagerDelegate - The application server in not responding. The maximum Timeout was exceeded.2014-02-14 15:29:53,081 [main] INFO - renderCommonResponse: BJEECM_506||Bizagi version could not be published. Check server log for details.||The application server in not responding. The maximum Timeout was exceeded.Any advice?Thanks,Carman Yuk


Indeed, the generated .ear after pressing "Run" button is located:C:\Bizagi\Enterprise\Projects\[ProjectName]\JEE\dist\BizAgi-ear-JBoss.ear

The work portal can be accessed by:


(Can't be accessed by using "localhost")

The steps I have to do:

1) In Bizagi (wizard view), define process, data model, etc.

2) In Bizagi (wizard view), 7. Execute -> Run Process -> Development

3) Wait approximate 2 minutes, error prompt: Error Bizagi JEE: Bizagi version could not be published. Check server log for details. - The application server is not responding. The maximum Timout was exceeded.

4) Edit C:\BizagiJEE\jboss-as-7.1.1.Final\standalone\configuration\standalone.xml

(i.e. Replaced the first 4 unknown characters by '<')

5) Copy C:\Bizagi\Enterprise\Projects\[ProjectName]\JEE\dist\BizAgi-ear-JBoss.ear to C:\BizagiJEE\jboss-as-7.1.1.Final\standalone\deployments

6) Start JBoss server by running standalone.bat -b

7) Navigate browser to http://[Hostname]:8080/BizAgi-war/default.jsp

The above steps (except 4th?) works so far, but I still want to know the reason why I can't do so via simply clicking "Run" button in Bizagi because the steps should actually be done by Bizagi but not by human manually?


Carman Yuk


Dear Carman,

It must be something particular in your environment specially with the installation of JBOSS, because as you describe the web application works fine. Moreover, so far we have no other user who has reported a similar problem. We will continue to monitor this issue and if it is any opportunity for improvement, it will be included in a future release.

Best Regards


Hi Juan,

I suspect there is something abnormal when Bizagi proceeds the "Run" button, because the standalone.xml which contains the invalid characters at the beginning is generated by Bizagi, right?

If you suspect it is due to the environment with the installation of JBOSS, as the JBOSS installation is done by Bizagi installer automatically, please let me know if there something I am missing such that I can re-install it again.

Please help to solve the problem because it does annoys me that every time if I modify anything about the workflow, I required to do those steps manually to workaround the issue. I can provide more information if it helps to troubleshoot.


Carman Yuk